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Ivan was completely dependent on Lily financially because she grabbed what little he DID earn and gave him no money to spend. Most sane and spouse has been a commission in this post helpful during divorce for dealing with alot of spouse wants divorce bipolar! If it had not been hard enough she had Demensia in her later years. Focus On The Other Person If There Is One. Is it because of her?

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With Bipolar II, they experience hypomania, a mild to moderate level of mania that is a generally less destructive state than mania. On the other hand, she sends to be having more than her fair share of problems and I imagine this is terribly difficult for her too. Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons. Good luck on the other women, the same thing will happen to her I am sure. The person you are talking to is completely different and irrational.

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She quit going to therapy and I started going to therapy to get my mind right to see if I should move on.

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She was recently arrested for disorderly conduct because she caused a scene by yelling at a man at a bus stop in front of the condo building that he was homeless and needs to get off her property.

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